Yangon & Environs



Capital and gateway to Myanmar reveals its Charm and delights where old historical heritage  blends together with modern business. It has a lot of intereststo offer the travellers in its own    special way.It is just an old British town, probably three decades left behind European and Western metropolitan life. Towering Shwedagon Pagoda over the city is the major attraction for the tourists to explore the unspoiled Land and its Culture.







Excursion to pottery village of Twante, short cross to Yangon River by ferry boat or car, about 40km from Yangon, with its famous works of pottery and hand-weaved cotton cloth. Fascinating local market, as a real place of rural life, as a means of colorful community, is worthy to see. It is located on the bank of Twante canal, dug during British time to provide a short ride to Delta region.


Formerly known as Pegu, was the capital of Mon Kingdom in the 15th  and 16th  centuries is 80 km from Yangon. The tour highlights are Kyaikpun Pagoda, famous for its four huge Buddhas seated back to back. We continue on to Bago where we'll get a chance to see Shwemawdaw Pagodaover 2,000 years old and its spire is even taller than Shwedagon Pagoda, Kanbawza Thadi Palace of mid-16th century warrior King Bayint Naung, and the 55 meter long reclining Shwe Thalaung Buddha Image.   Myanmar cigar (cheroot) factory.


The former name  Syriam,  located across Yangon River used to be important trade center in the 15th and 16th centuries. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and visit to Yelephaya (literal meaning of the pagoda's existence at the center of river) and nearby local fish market creates relaxed excursion. The ruins of old Catholic Church, built by Italian missionary can still be seen on the way.   

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