Kyaiktiyo & Beyond



The natural Golden Rock is located in Mon state, about 250 km from Yangon in the east. It is situated on a hill, 1121 meters above sea level, - a golden boulder, shaped like a hermit’s head and capped with a 6-metre high gilded pagoda perched precariously on the edge .The recent motor road is from the base camp to the top of Yethetaung Camp or Hermit's Hill  and the last 1.5 km to the pagoda entrance is not more than one hour by walking.






The capital of Kayin State, located 270 km east of Yangon.  Hpa an and Mawlamyaing are ideal spots to explore after Golden Rock. Surrounded by limestone mountains with the tallest being Mt Zwegabin ( A spot for hiking uphill), Hpa an offer as interesting site to see Karen ethnic tribes and their unique culture and  limestone caves which hold thousands of 7th century tiny clay Buddhas and carvings.



The capital city of the Mon State and fourth largest city in Myanmar situated 180 kilometers east of the nation's capital across the Gulf of Mottama at the mouth of the Thanlwin( Salween) river. It was once a major port and the administrative capital of British Lower Burma. The interesting highlights are visitation to infamous Siam-Burma "death railway", Kyaikkami, home to the pretty Yele Paya perched over the sea, Setse Beach,  visit by boat to island to see small home industries and  typical Mon rural lives as well as collection of faded colonial-era architecture and historic sites in town.  The cruise between Hpa an and Mawlamyaing offers beautiful memory along riverine views and tranquil scenes.

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