Inle Lake & Environs


Inle Lake– The 2nd largest natural lake situated bove 1320 meters above sea level  and surrounded by blue hazel mountains providing an atmosphere of recreation for travel-weary tourists. Sightseeing by boat in Inle lake is famous for its exotic sights offering the unique features of the floating villages inhabited by Intha people famous for their unique leg rowing techniques,  Garden beds , colorful markets and traditional home cottage industries. Side trip by boat to Inndain, a historic site of ancient ruin temples and stupas built during 12th and 13th centuries is worth visiting.


Taunggyi - a former Colonial Administrative Hill city for Shan State and now the capital city for  Shan State, The Taunggyi Air Balloon festival is famous and the biggest festival in the country. it is hill station and gate way to Kakku Pagoda Complex, Asia’s largest and most spectacular wonders. The Pagoda complex has over 2,400 stupas with origins dating back many centuries. Kakku is about 33 miles (53km) from Taunggyi.


PindayaA peaceful town situated at 1164-m above sea level and famous for extensive limestone caves and Shwe U Min, where thousands of Buddha images are stored by pilgrims over many centuries.


Kalaw - A former British Colonial Hill station situated at 1320 m above sea level offering an atmosphere of peace & tranquility amidst pine hills and colonial setting. Trekking to mountains to explore native hill tribe’s villages are famous spots for tourists.


Visitors: 70,478